Re: Richard Clarke: Real ID's, Real Dangers (NY Times)

Have you ever wondered what good it does when they look at your

> driver's license at the airport? Let me assure you, as a former > bureaucrat partly responsible for the 1996 decision to create a > photo-ID requirement, it no longer does any good whatsoever. The ID > check is not done by federal officers but by the same kind of > minimum-wage rent-a-cops who were doing the inspection of carry-on > luggage before 9/11.

And that's why the extra security measures being taken by the Feds in many cases are stupid. The airports have needed real security

*forever*, but even after 9/11, we don't have it because the Feds were half-assed about it. I personally feel that the current measures do little to actually enhance security. But hey, they make good window dressing.
hijackers obtained real driver's licenses using false documents. The > Real ID bill has, however, provoked negative reaction from those who > think it has little to do with terrorism and a lot to do with making > life difficult for illegal immigrants.

Well, I'd sure hope that we'd make life difficult for illegal immigrants. I wonder how many of the idiots complaining live where I live (Southern California). I don't want them here. They leech off the system.

I'm not against people taking the time to move here and become legal, naturalized citizens ... people doing it the *right* way. Just people trying to take shortcuts.

Anyone remember the drive (pardon the pun) to give illegals driver licenses? - Apple Valley, CA -

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