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John Stahl asked about the nytimes.html newsfeed.

The _exact_ link was 'nytimes.html' _not_ uppercase 'NYtimes' so that made it appear unavailable. However, anticipating that problem in the future, I added a couple of cross links to the page just today.

Now, all these work and go to the same place:

formatting link
(the original link)
formatting link
(newly added)
formatting link
(newly added)

In the left column, a hundred and some news headlines from the current day's NY Times plus stories from yesterday and the day before. In the right column, at the top of the page, following my click through ads -- but of course! (grin) -- the top stories from the current issue of The Christian Science Monitor, and (select as desired) audio feeds from the the past couple day's of the NPR "All Things Considered" program, the current issue of and a few assorted news headlines from CNN (Cable News Network).

Any of the stories you click on on that page open to a new page with the story.

I have one 'master feed' and you can read it acording to whatever audio background you want:

All these begin as

formatting link
then the URL continues with: /AP.html for Associated Press audio 5 minute summary (and the news feed). /BBC.html for a live stream from BBC World Service (and the news feed). /BBC-summary.html BBC five minute news summary (and the news feed). /Fednews.html for Associated Press 24 hour 'news radio' (and the news feed). /TDNewsrasdio.html for my own 'news radio' 24/7 (and the printed news feed). /KOSU.html for NPR audio news i.e. 'All Things Considered', others, and primarily classical music 24/7 (and the printed news feed). /newstoday.html (no audio, just the printed news feed). /nytimes.html (New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and NPR news feeds). (this last entry is not on the 'master feed'; they do their own feeds). /internet-news.html (USA Today and some tech news, also United Press International news feed (also separate, not part of the 'master news feed').

My own /TDNewsradio.html alternates every couple hours between Voice of America, NPR News, and BBC World Service. A "listener's guide" in the far right column tells you what service is on at any given time. And, there is the printed 'master news feed' as well.

It is _all_ the way the net _should be_; no cookies, no logins, no registration requirements; just fun and information for everyone.


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