Re: Replacement for Siemens Gigaset

>> Thor Lancelot Sim>>> I would stay away from the 900Mhz phones for a few reasons. First,

>>> the only multi-line phones available in 900Mhz are notoriously >>> unreliable. Second, eavesdropping on many 900Mhz phones, even modern >>> ones, is trivial. >> How does one eavesdrop on a Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) 900MHz >> cordless phone? I would have thought that with the spreading code >> being changed every time the phone is put into the base, they would be >> essentially uncrackable, like CDMA cell phones. > The phone and the base station have to negotiate the spreading code > used for each session. If you can eavesdrop on that negotiation, you > _can_ predict the frequency hops, rendering it 'trivial' to track as a > third-party listener.

Sure, except that the negotiation is typically performed by the base and handset via a wired connection OR at extremely low power (since it only happens when they're physically connected)

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