Re: Prepaid GSM With Roaming Allowed Available in the US?

Marc Haber wrote in news:

Hi, > A friend of mine lives in the States, has two kids and bad credit > records. She wants (alone) to come visit Europe this fall, and wants > her kids to be able to call her in Europe by dialing a local US > number. > A GSM phone useable in the European GSM networks is available here, I > have a spare Nokia 6310. The issue is the prepaid SIM that allows a > phone located in Europe to be reachable with an American number.


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sell country-specific prepaid SIM cards or prepaid roaming SIM cards (generally with numbers based in Monaco or Lichenstein).

If your friend already has a USA cell phone or spare phone line, she could set up call forwarding to the prepaid European number. Alterna- tively, if you search on Google, there are a number of companies offering virtual number and 'follow-me' services, providing a US based number which can be forwarded internationally at rates that are not too expensive.

This may become extremely expensive if she is paying both call forwarding and incoming roaming rates with a prepaid roaming SIM, versus a country-specific SIM where generally only the call forwarding rate would apply.


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