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Where I live, it is possible to setup a call to virtually any > destination number using the format: > [+] 1 - 611 - [NPA] - [NXX] - [XXXX] > and after a few unsuccessful attempts (diverted to intercept > recording that references "0 7 7 P" at the end) ... calls will ring > through. > These calls do not get billed, when using prepaid phone and activated > SIM. If there are minutes on the balance, none are deducted; even > with balance of $0.00 (!!!), calls are completed when dialing with the > sequence. for the life of me, i cannot figure out WHY this works -- > though I have some theories. > * anyone help me out with this ? * > Doesn't even make sense to me following the numbering plan information > I am familiar with. Is it an international call ? Choke prefix > (contest code) ? Priority access code (emergency preparedness type of > thing) ?


I think it's an error somewhere in the mobile switching center, but > seems like it would have been corrected by now; considering ... it > delivers unlimited calling for no cost to probably a lot more people > than just me. > (Having already posted this question to howardforums and other such > places, feedback from others has been limited to: "tried this over > and over, didn't work! this guy's pulling our leg!" so cautionary > word: don't waste your time trying if you're not in or around > Portland, Oregon.)

First, the recorded announcement you are getting ends 0-7-7-T (tee), not 0-7-7-P (pee). AT&T's #4ESS toll switch in Portland OR uses the identification code 077-T. That's where you are getting the "call cannot be completed as dialed" *VACANT CODE* (not intercept) recording.

A couple of other questions ...

Just out of curiosity, who is your cell provider?

Also, you mention that after several attempts, you "ring through".


You don't exactly mention WHAT they ring through to. Obviously not the NPA-NXX-XXXX portion of your dial string

+1-611-NPA-NXX-XXXX, since you keep pondering if this is an "international" call, or or "choke", or "priority/emergency access".

I'm GUESSING that there are some attempts where your cellular provider is sending the digits 611-NXX-NXXX, truncating off all remaining digits of your "dialed" 611-NXX-NXX-X(XXX), over to AT&T's Portland #4ESS switch, and AT&T doesn't recognize any such area code 611 (which is actually a local service provider 3-digit special code, USUALLY for Repair Service, and sometimes for Customer Service/Business Office. Other times, your cellular provider must be attempting to send those digits 611-NXX-NXXX-(final XXX truncated) over to some OTHER Long Distance Provider (quite possibly MCI?), where THAT company's VACANT CODE RECORDING is preceded by a one or two ringing cycles, yet you hang up before hearing the (MCI?) vacant code announcement.

AT&T's 4ESS switches play their various "vacant" announcementw without any ring cycle preceding it. MCI's toll switches usually have a full ring cycle (sometimes two full ring cycles) before playing their "vacant" announcements.

Please provide more specific information -- stay on the line long enough when you hear something "ring through" to hear the recording and the "trailer code" at the end of the recording.

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