Re: Need Tap Into Telco Line

My telephone line goes out via the PABX of a party who I believe is

> listening in. We have a legal dispute, and I want to hear what they > are saying too. > I have access to the tag-block with their pair and mine. How would I > best hear their conversations ? > My first thought is to just temporarily connect my pair to theirs, > observing the polarity, and while leaving mine on-hook, just tap-off > my line into an amplifier, which I can hear while I'm working. > A second refinement, would be to use capacitive coupling to their > pair. > I need to terminate my side with a high impedance, so that the > capacitive coupling can also have a high impedance. So that it > becomes insignificant when I receive or make a call. > If I remove my handset, so that only the audio amplifier terminates my > line, during 'listening in', would it work ? > And then by just connecting my handset and/or modem could I expect to > operate without significant cross-talk to the looters line ? > Thanks for any info/feedback,

"James bLond".

Check with your attorney about the legality of what you want to do before you pursue this but you should be able to get everything you need to accomplish this at

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