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811 Access to One Call Services to Protect Pipeline and

> Utilities from Excavation Damage (US); Available for > Reassignment (Canada)> responded:

This was historically used as an internal access for craftspeople to > reach the C.O. test desk. In my area it is the ringback command, but > not in others.

And in Las Vegas, it was the Sprint business office, plastered all over city busses. But all such non-standard uses are now preempted by FCC order.

As to calling for pipeline checking, a single number won't help if the > contractor is too lazy or stupid to make that call...

Any contractor that's "too lazy or stupid to make that call" won't be in business long. If the repair bill doesn't put him out of business, his insurance carrier certainly will.

... and I've seen them do that many times with phone cables cut as a > result.

Are you sure that the cut resulted from a contractor's failure to call? There are numerous other requirements that both the contractor and the phone company must follow. If the phone company didn't follow through on its obligations, it would be at fault, not the contractor.

Perhaps you might want to review the Pennsylvania One Call System's "Users Guide," which includes the full text of the Pennsylvania "Underground Utility Line Protection Act."

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