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Can you describe what standard is used to change the IP address of the mobile router's rf link back to the bus depot? I have a similar problem involving a mobile LAN, not just a single mobile node, which is what Mobile IP.

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designed for. Moving a whole LAN around means your gateway router external interface's IP address is always changing.

For our solution, our developers hacked the Linux Mobile IP to support IPSec for registration (of course, the advertisements are still broadcast in the clear). What I'm not clear on is how they maintain routing updates and integrity (I haven't seen that part of the code yet). And my talks with Cisco indicate they're toying with different methods of doing mobile adhoc routing, but this scenario is really mobile infrastructure routing where the "access point" moves around from cell to cell.

Any po> I can help, I have a great Cisco based solution for you.
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> 007 wrote: >> I need to investigate some solutions for a true mobile wireless >> networks and I'm looking for anyone's input. >> The situation is as follows: I need to design a network that will >> supporting IP traffic on a public bus transport system. Wireless >> terminals on each bus will communicate through a router onboard each >> bus (ie each bus is a mobile wireless LAN). At the bus depot there is >> a gateway for internet and telephony. The range of each LAN on each >> bus is limited to no more than 3km and there are no more than 10 >> busses within the network. >> What are some considerations for the planning, design and architecture >> of such a network? >> Thanks.
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