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I have a 2811 where 1 int has an internal IP and the other has a public IP. The serial port brings a T1 in.

I would like certain addresses that are internal to be routed to the interface which has a LAN IP.

Whats the best way to achieve this?

I tried using serveal ip route methods, but it failed.

Any ideas?



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Sorry let me be clear .

I would like certain internal addresses that are sought after on the public network0/1 to be routed to the internal interface0/0.

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Unfortunately that's not quite clear. What's doing the soughting?

The traffic to be handled this way:

- where (which segment) does it start on?

- what destination IP address does it start out with?

- where (which segment) should it end on?

- which destination IP address should the packet have when it reaches the new destination?

- should it have changed source IP addresses in the process of being redirected?

Or am I reading this wrong and what you've got is a public IP range that is offering some services known to the outside, and that's translated at the 2811 into internal IP addresses, but sometimes someone inside tries to or wants to or (for some obsure reason) really -needs- to access the resource using its public IP and those publically-addressed packets are normally getting out to the far side of the T1 and being routed back in and you want to fix this all so that when the public IPs of the internal resources are referenced, that the traffic gets turned around at your 2811 instead of having to go all the way out?

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Walter Roberson

Sorry i wasnt clear.. I'll try again ..

I have 3 interfaces on the 2811.

s0/0/0= T1 fe0/0= LAN IP Range fe0/1= WAN IP Range

The services that i want the WAN int to access are on the LAN int network.The services are never available on the WAN side; hence why i need to force over to LAN. So when i type in 123.456.78.90 it should never try to resolve it using the default gateway to the T1 internet; it should use the LAN int next hop route immediately. Also hosts connected to the WAN int should also be able to get there also.

Hope this is helps you help me.


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I'm a little confused on what you're trying to do.. but have you looked into creating policy routing? You can set based on ACLs, traffic to use a certain 'next hop' address or go out a different interface. You set up a policy, match it against ACLs and set your 'next hop'.. then apply the policy to the interface that the traffic comes in on, such as: int ethernet 0/0; ip policy < route name> in ' .

If this is what you're looking for, I can help set up policy routes.

Good luck, Aaron

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Policy routing is what i think i need, but I'm also wondering if i already have enough setup, but the router at the other end( which i dont manage) doesnt have a route back to that router interface.

so i currently have: ip route

Now.. the 200 yes is a public address, but its only available via VPN or on the LAN where this server resides. In our case we are plugged into the network that is routed to it. The interface that "plugged" into it is the ip address. So in this case the router knows to route traffic for this ip to that next hop.

I have another interface, its set as and i have hosts connected to that interface via a switch. from these hosts i would like to connect to this network, but i cant.

the only other route i have setup is the last resort which uses the T1 next hop gateway to get out to the internet.

I thought adding the statement: ip route

would fix routing for both the 192.168.x.xx and the interfaces, but its not proving so, unless the end router needs a route back to the interface. Currently only a route back to the 192.168.x.x interface is configured.

Now do i make some sense?


Thanks for the help eitherway!


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