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This "Life beyond Earth?" is yet another very nicely composed

> article. However, I've also noticed as to how nicely you've avoided > the nearest of such orbs as having been perfectly good for another > chapter or two within your "Life beyond Earth" topic, that are by far > the most humanly accessible and should perhaps remain as keen > interest to humanity for less than a penny on the dollar. > Are you and your readers up for the task of an icy proto-moon or > that of Venus?

In order to go explore an icy proto-moon of earth, there first has to actually EXIST an icy proto-moon of earth.

As for Venus, we're more likely to play a soccer match against the folks from Alpha Centauri than to find recognizable life on Venus. Although it is obviously possible that some radically different form of life exists elsewhere in the universe, all life on earth is dependent on the existence of liquid water, which is completely absent on Venus.

To bring this back to some shred of telecom relevance, I was at a shopping mall this afternoon and saw a whole *booth* devoted to products to protect me from the risk that my cellphone could cause brain cancer. The products included some hands-free ear pieces that at least move the source of radiation away from your brain, which would significantly reduce the danger if there actually were any danger to begin with. However, they also included some little metallic stickers to place over the speaker grille of the cellphone itself, for people who insist on holding the phone right up against their brain cases. Those would be utterly superfluous even if there were a real risk, but they claim to reduce harmful radiation by up to 78%. Where is the bunko squad when you need them?

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