Danish study finds no link between cell phones, cancer [telecom]

"Massive 15-year study finds no link between cell phones, cancer"

By John Timmer

Despite numerous studies indicating that cell phones pose no health risk to their users, a few studies have been released that suggest prolonged use might contribute to brain cancer. For the World Health Organization, that was enough to declare the phones "possibly carcinogenic" and to call for further studies on the link.

At least one of these studies was already in the works. Some specific features of how Denmark tracks its citizens have made that nation a convenient laboratory for long-term population studies. Now, one study has looked at almost the entire Danish adult population and found that having a cell phone doesn't seem to be associated with any additional risk of brain cancers.


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The web page include this warning:

"The only significant weakness to the study is that the authors couldn't associate corporate accounts with individual users, so they weren't considered in the analysis. "

... which means that corporate users, whom I suspect are more likely to have higher exposures, may have been undercounted. Moreover, the study did not consider societal or cultural differences that might affect cancer patterns of Danes compared to users in other countries.

In other words, while this is "nice" news for the Danish markets, it might or might not be the whole story for cellphone users in other places. We'll probably hear every cellphone salesdroid on Earth trumpeting this report from every cell tower, but I'll wait until the results have been picked over by the scientific communities in other places, and corroborated by other studies, before I throw out my wired set.

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