Re: Last Laugh! 86 Year Old Woman Taken to Jail Account of 911 Call

Sounds a bit like Nazi Germany.

> Patrick Towns>> Woman Calls 911 With Pizza Complaint >> An 86-year-old woman was jailed after police said she called 911 >> dispatchers 20 times in a little more than a half-hour -- all to >> complain that a pizza parlor wouldn't deliver. >> Dorothy X was charged with misusing the 911 system, a jail >> spokeswoman said.

Well, some 911 protocols require a response to each call. This sort of thing burns resources and can endanger others, or even the caller herself, if they finally ignore her.

I had a relative who took to doing about the same thing. The sheriff put up with it for a time, then finally grabbed him, for something else actually, but he got the care he needed.

What I find offensive about the whole story is that the news media thought it a fine thing to spray her name all over the country. For all I know, she may have been a pillar of the community until she made the understandable mistake of trying to live too long on her own. It is a shame to humiliate her so.

That is assuming, of course, that they find, by now have found, a proper placement for her and drop the charges. I hope she also got her pizza.

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John McHarry
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