Re: Last Laugh! 86 Year Old Woman Taken to Jail Account of 911 Call

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: So many things about USA law

>> enforcement these days have a sort of tinge or a smell of Nazi-Germany >> to them, don't they ... PAT] > How do you figure? Who would be held responsible if one of her 20 calls > caused a caller with a real emergency to be put on hold? > It sounds to me like she should have been charged with assaulting a > police officer too, which would raise the stakes from a "resisting a > public officer" charge.

But EVERYONE should be allowed to call 911 to complain about a pizza place, just like Pat says. :P

I think the US is becoming more of a police state -- there's no question. However, the woman who repeatedly called about pizza needs to be disciplined.

The story makes me wonder if the pizza place didn't have a good reason to not deliver to her in the first place. Kinda wonder what kinda of calls she made to them ... - Apple Valley, CA -

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