Re: Internet and Civil Liberties?

There's been a lot of press lately about dangerous people using the

> Internet to prey on others. > However, technical weaknesses make it easy to forge someone else's > identity. What protection is there if an innocent person is accused > of being an identity thief, pervert, defrauder, etc.? > Suppose some molester uses your identity in a chat to arrange an > illicit meeting with a victim. Will cops come after you? How would > you defend yourself? > [public replies, please]

I would guess your protection would be the IP data from the site and data on your computers, but then Police can get very nasty and DA look at convicting someone, even if that person did not do it, just look at the long list of conviction reversals.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: in my experience, police do not really care who they convict; guilt or innocence is not a big thing nor an important issue with them. Its a very poor police officer who cannot create a story to match a crime he wants a conviction on. Look at the political convention in New York City a couple years ago; Even when they had hundreds of prisoners stashed away in that old bus barn in Brooklyn waiting for transport to Riker's Island or wherever, it took a judge specifically ordering the release of the people or fines and penalties for the police before they would let the people out. And then police chose to argue and appeal the fine imposed on them rather than obey the court. PAT]
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