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Here's the referenced FDA info.

Note their advice to read the label first. See their note regarding e-mails. And the note regarding reformulation. I checked one product at random and the ingredient does not appear. And as ever, read the insert for precautions and warnings.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to remove phenylpropanolamine (PPA) from all drug products and has requested that all drug companies discontinue marketing products containing PPA. In addition, FDA has issued a public health advisory concerning phenylpropanolamine. This drug is an ingredient that was used in many over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription cough and cold medications as a decongestant and in OTC weight loss products.

In response to the request made by FDA in November 2000, many companies have voluntarily reformulated and are continuing to reformulate their products to exclude PPA while FDA proceeds with the regulatory process necessary to remove PPA from the market.

We have received numerous requests for a list of products containing PPA. Since companies continue to reformulate their products, FDA is not maintaining a comprehensive, updated list of products that still contain PPA. FDA is aware of emails circulating widely that list many products allegedly containing PPA. These emails, however, generally contain dated and inaccurate information and should be ignored.

The FDA recommends that consumers read the labels of OTC drug products to determine if the product contains PPA. The Agency believes this to be the most accurate method for determining the PPA content of OTC products rather than providing an incomplete or out-of-date list of products that may have already been reformulated and no longer contain PPA.

All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are being recalled. > You may want to try calling the 800 number listed on most > drug boxes and inquire about a REFUND. Please read this > CAREFULLY. Also, please pass this on to everyone you know. > STOP TAKING anything containing this ingredient. It has been > linked to increased hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in brain) > among women ages 18-49 in the three days after starting use > of medication. Problems were not found in men, but the FDA > recommended that everyone (even children) seek alternative > medicine. > The following medications contain Phenylpropanolamine: > Acutrim Diet Gum Appetite Suppressant > Acutrim Plus Dietary Supplements > Acutrim Maximum Strength Appetite Control > Alka-Seltzer Plus Children's Cold Medicine Effervescent > Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold! medicine (cherry or orange) > Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Original > Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine Effervescent > Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Flu Medicine > Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Sinus Effervescent > Alka Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine > BC Allergy Sinus Cold Powder > BC Sinus Cold Powder > Comtrex Flu Therapy & Fever Relief > Day & Night Contac 12-Hour Cold Capsules > Contac 12 Hour Caplets > Coricidin D Cold, Flu & Sinus > Dexatrim Caffeine Free > Dexatrim Extended Duration > Dexatrim Gelcaps > Dexatrim Vitamin C/Caffeine Free > Dimetapp Cold & Allergy Chewable Tablets > Dimetapp Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels > Dimetapp DM Cold & Cough Elixir > Dimetapp Elixir > Dimetapp 4 Hour Liquid Gels > Dimetapp 4 Hour Tablets > Dimetapp 12 Hour Extentabs Tablets > Naldecon DX Pediatric Drops > Permathene Mega-16 > Robitussin CF > Tavist-D 12 Hour Relief of Sinus & Nasal > Congestion > Triaminic DM Cough Relief > Triaminic Expectorant Chest & Head > Triaminic Syrup Cold & Allergy > Triaminic Triaminicol Cold & Cough ..... > I just found out and called the 800 number on the container for > Triaminic and they informed me that they are voluntarily recalling the > following medicines because of a certain ingredient that is causing > strokes and seizures in children: > Orange 3D Cold & Allergy Cherry (Pink) > 3D Cold & Cough Berry > 3D Cough Relief Yellow 3D Expectorant > They are asking you to call them at 800-548-3708 with the lot number > on the box so they can send you postage for you to send it back to > them, and they will also issue you a refund. If you know of anyone > else with small children, > To confirm these findings please take time to check the following: >
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> This is very important for persons like myself who have a medical > history of heart attacks, strokes and brain aneurysms.
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