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I have not actually found any products that can be purchased right now ... however ... I've noticed a series of press releases that indicate a variety of companies are headed in this direction and that Skype is organizing partnerships that will make it attractive for Hardware vendors to produce these types of devices.

I certainly believe that Skype is creating a business ecosystem around itself, and as such provide value for its customers that it could not do on its own.

Title: "Skype alights on Broadreach hotspots"

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"Anyone with a wireless-ready device can now use Broadreach hotspots for free to make Skype voice calls, which are also free.

What's the catch? There isn't one. Broadreach has configured its hotspots to recognise the Skype protocol and allow that traffic to connect. Any of the Skype services - eg instant messaging - can be used in this way."

My opinion: This makes a Skype enabled WiFi phone more attractive to users. It also sets a precedent that wireless providers cannot be happy with... it is completely do not have to pay the WiFi provider any money what so ever to make wireless calls to anywhere in the world (assuming the callee has Skype.. otherwise 2 cents per minute with SkypeOut). See related article below regarding Motorola's acquisition of MeshNetworks.

Title: "i-mate & Skype form global partnership"

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"Newly manufactured i-mate PDA2K and i-mate PDA2 handsets will be produced with Skype's award-winning software preloaded, enabling i-mate owners to use Skype immediately on start-up of their device. Both handsets are dual mode GSM/GPRS Wifi handsets that, with Skype included, allow users to make free, superior quality voice calls wherever they are worldwide."

My opinion: I haven't had a chance to read too deeply into this, but I figure it will probably work over a home area WiFI network.

Title: "Motorola launches Skype alliance"

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"The handset manufacturer is developing Wi-Fi compatible mobiles, and will bundle popular VoIP application Skype with the planned devices"

My opinion: I think that Motorola is covering its bases and making a wise bet on the future.

Title: "Motorola Extends Broadband Wireless Technology Portfolio with Acquisition of MeshNetworks"

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Title: "Motorola Mesh Networks Solution Transforms The Way Minnesota Town Communicates"
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My opinion: I don't think it will take Motorola long to combine the technology they got with MeshNetworks, Skype enabled WiFi phones, as well as the various pushes to completely WiFi enabled entire cities (as a public service ... Philadelphia, San Franscisco, Taipei are three examples I know of) and thus threaten Cell phone providers.


F>> There are plenty of companies that sell phones made specifically for

> Skype. Some of these phones are wireless. One of the more popular ones >> that I have noticed can be found at
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> These all seem to be phones that have a base unit plug into your > computer's USB port, and handsets that talk to that base unit. > Has anyone seen (or even heard rumors of) a usable WiFi phone for > Skype that talks to your LAN rather than to a proprietary base? Zyxel > makes a phone for normal SIP but it doesn't seem to be compatible with > Skype. > Regards, > John R. Levine, IECC, POB 727, Trumansburg NY 14886 > +1 607 330 5711 >, Mayor,
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