Please Delete Message With my Real Email

Goodness, please delete that posting! You are screwing me.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Wally, I am sorry about that. As I mentioned to you in private email, this evening I went through the archives, both HTML and text, and diddled up your from address to show you as part of my 'domain' It would help if you would counsel me on each and every email in the first line of your text to do that, so I do not forget in the future. Of course, it actually was not _me_ who screwed you; it is the infinite number of parasites who select names from our mailing list with which to forge p*rn and spam/scam email, but as any right-thinking Usenetter would explain to you, we dare not tell others how to use their computers or their web sites; to do so would be quite politically incorrect. Some day a real person may apply for 'notchur' and ask for it in the .biz domain. I have it so loaded up now with spamscam and p*rn trash all I can say is God help the poor devil who decides to actually use it, if ever. PAT]
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Wally Roberts
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