Re: Different Area Codes, Same Rate Area, and LNP

I am very anxious about transferring my local phone number to Vonage

> because I am worried that users that can call me for free now, will no > longer be able to. I live in the border line of two area codes, 225 > and 985, I can call my friends 985 number locally, no long distance > charge, with my 225 number. However, since the number that vonage > temporatily assigned to me is considered long distance to this town, I > am scared that even though my current phone is local it might become a > distant number. > According to what I have read about LNP, when porting numbers from one > telco to another, you should remain in the same physical area; meaning > that I should be able to still call my friends without the need to > dial 1 and viceversa, as one would for long distance numbers. However, > I do not want a mistake like porting my number from local to long > distance to happen, and therefore, feel very anxious about this step > and I am for confirmation that what I understood is right and that > according to FCC rules it should remain local. > Currently Vonage gave me a temporary phone line, but since I guess low > requests in this area since most people dont have internet, they were > not able to give me a local number, and therefore cant receive calls > unless callers dial 1. However, something else tells me that by > porting my current phone vonage will gain or have access to a phone > line in this area and should keep it local, at least that is what > common sense tells me, but just need to confirm since I cant afford to > make this mistake. > I understand that if exchanging local carriers the number should > remain as local, but Vonage is over the internet and does not seem it > would remain local, but it could with third party exchange carriers. > Finally, should I be completely sure that my line will port and that > will remain local? > Thanks for reading and all your help. > Ivan

YOU will have free LD, but you are correct that your friends calling you might have to dial and pay LD rates. I have heard from other folk to whom this happened.

I would call Vonage support for your area and ask for a supervisor to explain exactly how it would work -- give them your friends phone number for an example.

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