Re: Different Area Codes, Same Rate Area, and LNP

Sam Spade wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Eidtor's Note: What Sam Spade does not grasp, and what > the telcos grasp all too well, is that most non-telco people do not > understand, nor do they care about the workings of the telephone > company. Over the past century, telco has made lots of money based on > the ignorance of the general public, and they are still at it. PAT]

Sam understands it all very well.

I agree with both you and Ms. Hancock that the LECs don't want it to be easy.

I do disagree that it takes much research, though, to determine one's local calling area, at least in California and a few other states that I am familiar with that have all local office codes that are local clearly listed in the front of the phone book.

Then again, some of today's consumers can't find Mexico on a world map. ;-)

As to extended calling plans that some folks may have, that is irrelevant when selecting a primary or virtual number for Vonage. Why make it more complicated than it has to be?

Vonage makes it easy, really easy.

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