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> There is no public passenger trasnportation anywhere in the world > that is not subsidized--bus, air, rail, subway, light rail. The > market is working properly. There is no demand for public passnger > transportation at market prices...those which would have to be charged > if there were no subsidy.

At least in the U.S., auto transportation is subsidized as well. Check out these studies that the Sierra Club has located (but not commissioned):

It's also just common sense: I pay the same price at the store whether I walk there or park in the free lot. That's just one example. The Interstates were build from general funds, not gas taxes. There's more.

-- Gary

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Given that L carrier cables were run in the center strips of the interstates, and that the head ends were all in hardened sites, I'll say it's telecom related ;-).

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