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I have come across 1/2 dozen Corton Communications payphones, WP 1000,

> hearing aid compatible, brand new-boxed with keys. I can't find > anything about the company -- they were in Yonkers NY. If anyone has > any info on them (they don't come packed with any data sheets), > please contact me at Inside there is an RJ-11 > jack and connections for L1,L2 and G. I assume that's for some sort of > power connection -- there is an LCD display on the front. The board > that these connections are on doesn't look like it's for 110VAC- But I > have no clue as to what voltage, AC or DC it would require. I'll > appreciate any info on them. And, I'd be happy to sell them as well.

T, R and G are Tip, Ring and Ground respectively.

mm > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If these are what I am thinking, they > are 'smart' COCOTS. 'Smart' in the sense they can be set for whatever > money value is desired to be collected (25 cents for three minutes on > a 'local call' and four quarters or one dollar for three minutes on a > 'long distance domestic' call.) The LED shows what the person dialed, > the amount of money due on the call (as you choose to program it) and > when no call is in progress it displays the time and some ribbon > message promoting the service. The phone does not ring on incoming > calls, but only chirps a couple times then answers itself with a > recorded message on a chip saying 'Operator! This is a pay phone with > no collect/third party charges allowed!' Then it disconnects itself > unless you, the proprietor punch in a security code which allows you > to program the rate remotely. I am not certain _and will not > guarentee_ that they run on a 12 volt battery eliminator with a good > size amperage, around a thousand MA. PAT]

Usually COCOT phones are powered by -48VDC. There probably is a small lithium battery in the phone to keep the translations active during line outages but other than that, you just hook em' up.

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