Re: Cellular Jamming? Think Again.

The law should be modestly amended to declare those using cellphones

> in theaters, churches, and other places of public assembly outlaws > subject to pummeling by the inconvenienced other inmates of such > assembly. Exception might be made for surviving, on duty, emergency > personnel. ;^)

Unfortunately, it's proven difficult, if not impossible, to legistate taste, politeness, tact, or morality. OTOH, I wouldn't mind a slide flashing up on the screen saying "Turn your d*nm phone off!!" the first time one rings.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Our local movie theatre, the Independence Cinema (actually four areas to view four different movies which are playing at any given time stresses the 'no cell phones' rule quite extensively before each movie starts (as part of the coming attractions, cartoons and messages from local advertisers.) They show a movie patron smoking a cigarette, his feet on the seat in front of him, and talking on a cell phone; all of which, they explain, are no-no. All three of these activities are inconsiderate of other patrons. "This will be your only warning; If you do these things, we will be forced to ask you to leave the theatre (here we see a manager/usher/whomever approach the offensive patron and lead him away), and that would ruin the movie for you, your friends and our other patrons. HAVE CELL PHONES TURNED OFF OR SILENCED. If you must make/receieve an emergency call, please deal with it in the lobby." PAT]
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