Re: Cell Phones and Cancer

>> But, hey, what about those people who hang a BlueTooth device (it

>> emits RF energy, too) on their ear and wear it all day long? A cell >> phone is only used occasionally, brought to the ear then put back on >> the belt or into the purse, or where ever it is stored. What about >> the effects of prolonged RF energy from the BT ear piece in direct >> contact with the ear/head? That will be another "story", won't it? > Actually, no. The cellphone itself has to talk to the cell tower, > which might be several kilometers away; the BlueTooth device only has > to communicate over a range of a couple of meters. Even with 24/7 > exposure, you'd need aeons to have detectable effects. The risk is > somewhere up there with being eaten by Martians. > Of course, the real answer to people who worry about the radiation > from their cellphones is to use a wired hands-free kit. If you have > the cellphone at arm's length instead of right next to your skull, the > radiation risk goes from negligible to super-duper-extra-negligible. > Seriously, it's trivial to reduce the cellphone radiation strength > reaching your brain a millionfold or more -- not that the risk at full > strength is anything to worry about to begin with.

Power drops at the square of the distance if I'm correct.

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