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Hello, I need some help. I have been searching Google all day long

> looking for a solution for a possible Christmas gift. What I am > trying to find out is how do I create my own docking station for a > cell phone. > My brother has an LG vx4500 >
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and I am trying to connect it to a Homer Simpson phone (land line) >
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> I know they make docking stations online, like the dock-n-talk or > Cidco Merge. But what I really want to try and do is make the > connector myself; it really shouldn't be that hard, so figured I would > ask around online for some tips. > I know sparkfun had an article for a rotary phone >
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but > that just seemed way to complicated, or maybe it is suppost to be. I > dont know. > Any response would be gratefully appreciated.

If you want the landline phone to ever ring when the Cell phone call comes in you really need to purchase a docking unit designed to support the cell phone in question.

The old phones take 70-90 volts to make them ring, which most, if any, cell phones do not have the capacity to generate.

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