Re: Beginning of the End for AT&T

Too bad nobody builds telephone sets the way Western Electric used to.

> (I have had good service from one Panasonic set and also their > answering machines, but are they still in the phone business? I don't > seem to see any of their traditional consumer electronic products as I > used to.)

There are several people who have huge collections of older 500 and

2500 sets. They peddle them out at $25 to $50 a pop. [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Just think ... 500/2500 sets used to be as common (or more so) than Western Union clocks, and just as easy to come by ... walk in an office, walk out with one or two. Now clocks, as well as Genuine Bell telephones are getting quite hard to come by, and the people who sell them (for a slight fortune) are quite willing to pick your pockets in the process. I wish I could get one or two of the 2500 phones ... :( PAT]
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