Re: AT&T - Cingular - Alltel; They Broke MY Contract!

I said,

>> Yes, the cell phone contracts generally allow companies to assign >>> contracts to third parties. Read your original contract.

The OP replied,

> I expected this type of answer. And I'm sure _you_ read through your >> entire contract letter-by-letter, yes?

Well, in fact I did :) Sprint PCS actually prints the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy/some other relevant stuff in their user guides. (Unlike other carriers, Sprint phone manuals are printed up either by Sprint or specially for Sprint.)

Robert Bonomi said,

If you do not do it, you have only yourself to blame when something in > it bites you 'unexpectedly'.

to which the other Steve said,

> I know AT&T had the right to transfer the contract when purchased by >> Cingular. What I don't like is the regulatory issue that then forced >> Cingular to divest to some "third party" (in this case, Alltel). What >> I am expecting is for them to at least continue the options I've had >> with AT&T.

a) Someone *complaining* about the DoJ forcing competition? We know the FCC won't do it, it's a good thing that at least Justice tries not to allow the companies to grow so big that their growth stifles competition. Give me a break.

b) Exactly what options do you not have with Alltel that you had with AT&T? - Apple Valley, CA -

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