Re: AT&T - Cingular - Alltel; They Broke MY Contract!

I am apparently one of those "unlucky few" who got switched from AT&T

> to Alltel (via Cingular). Though I wasn't very happy with AT&T to > begin with, I was happy to find that Cingular bought them out, given > Cingular's rollover, roaming, and other options. > Unfortunately, I then discovered that I was nothing more than an asset > that was being sold to Alltel. All-WHO?!

Alltel, the fifth or sixth largest carrier in the country. You probably aren't aware of them because they primarily serve smaller cities.

All I want to know is if anyone has successfully used this MESS as an > excuse to terminate service w/o a fine. As far as I'm concerned, my > contract was with AT&T, NOT Alltel (or even Cingular for that matter).

What is Alltel doing that is so horrible that you want to cancel, or are you just ranting because you're not a Cingular customer?

I was not warned about Alltel and (like most people), believed all the > hoopla that I was now a Cingular customer, with all the associated > benefits. This thing smells like class-action lawsuit to me!!!


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think what you will find is the > contract you signed at some point or another expressly gives _them_ > the right to assign your contract. It did not give _you_ any rights > like that however; just AT&T. PAT]

Yes, the cell phone contracts generally allow companies to assign contracts to third parties. Read your original contract. - Apple Valley, CA -

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