Re: AT&T - Cingular - Alltel; They Broke MY Contract!

You may *think* that this is true of all the major carriers, but the

> reality is that for mobile service cingular does not require a > contract if you bring your own equipment and do not opt into any > special promotions. The other major mobile carriers, T-Mobile, Sprint > PCS, Nextel, etc. do not "give you a break" and will require a minimum > contract.

Sprint will not require a contract for postpaid service if you pay $10 per month over and above the normal plan fees. You can even switch from being in contract to doing the $10 per month (but you will have to pay the $150 early term fee for that privilege). Of course, they don't charge you extra for month-to-month if you've fulfilled your contractual obligation.

Back when my wife got her Sprint phone in late 2000, their in-store local coverage map didn't indicate that our neighborhood was covered -- which is odd, because they have a tower a mile or so from our house -- so we went month-to-month for a couple months until we were satisfied that coverage was what we needed, after which we signed a contract and eliminated the $10 fee. - Apple Valley, CA -

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