Re: A Question About International Country Code Number Assignments

My question is about international phone-codes. I always wanted to

> know: why appointed regions have appointed phone-codes. I'm sure that > it's sequence isn't accidental. What logic lies in this order of > codes?

The codes are assigned by an office at the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva. They do indeed try to assign codes with some geographic logic, such as 5x for the Americas, 3x and

4x for Europe, and 2x for Africa, but sometimes there aren't any available codes in the appropriate regions. Hence Greenland is 299 even though it's not in Africa, because there weren't any 3xx codes or 4xx available when Greenland wanted a code.

ITU recommendation E.164 describes country code allocation, and somewhere on the ITU site is the list of country codes as a free download.



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