proxim western multiplex tsunami radios [telecom]

Hi Folks:

We have quite a few of these radios and I think I just discovered a quirk..

We're running Ethernet and T1 circuits to a remote site using a total of 4 radios, because of the distance. The radios on the outside ends are configured as 'A' and the inner two as 'B'. The signals are not that bad, and the Ethernet is reliable, but the T1's are not. I just discovered that when I disable the second T1 from an 'A' radio (radios have two T1 circuits), the Ethernet goes down hard. I thought it was a radio problem, but the spare does the same thing.

Looking at the T1's with a T-Berd, I have slipping clocks. I'm beginning to think the 'A' radio is a sync source to the T1 in the radio, but the 'B' radio is not. So, the T1 device on the far end, that has no other sync source outside the radio other than the Tsunami, can't 'get' a sync from the opposite end, because the 'B' radios are tied together in the middle. We did this because the radio transmitting will knock down the receiving radio at the center location if they were on the same channel frequency.

These radio's seem to be so old now that I can't even get documentation for the exact model, which is 301-31190-1A1 and 1A2's.

Anyone have experience with these?



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