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My wife and I enjoy spending a few days in Death Valley, California most winters. In the early years the place was just in the middle of no where and not visited that often. Then, many years ago it was designated a national monument, with attendant restrictions. Clinton designated it a National Park, which was a wise decision in this case.

The National Park Service is very protective of the park, and ever fearful of population creep from the Nevada side (far out suburbs of that Hell called Las Vegas).

Pacific Bell, now AT&T serves the park. It is a very expensive proposition with only the two lodging areas (Stove Pipe Wells and the main Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch area) having any wireline service. I don't know whether they have a remote switch or a SLC96 arrangement. (I suspect the latter.) But, the link is via microwave from Rogers Peak on the west side of the valley. The park service will not allow trenching for fiber optics to come in from the east side. And, they strictly limit helicopter flights to maintain the Rogers Peak site.

So, the long and short of it is a lack of trunking or linkage to provide wireless service. The resort manager has told me that in recent years the younger group is grumbling about lack of wireless and high-speed internet service (only dial-up internet at the hotels); that some of the younger crowd will no longer stay in the valley.

A lot of Germans visit Death Valley and, according to the resort manager, they take it in stride. Their view is why does anyone need these inane gadgets when visiting such a remote area? In other words, the Germans don't seem to be obsessed nearly to the extent Americans are.

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I checked the Local Calling Guide.

It lists Death Valley as: "Switch type: 5ER" which is a 5 ESS remote.

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This doesn't surprise me. Starting in the early 90's, children expected to be entertained 24/7. Look at all the minivans rolling down the highway with each kid watching a personal LCD screen with their favorite movie, as if asking a child to sit quietly and read for a couple of hours is akin to child abuse.

Perhaps it's no surprise some people can't sit through a meeting without pulling out the cell phone. Some people never learned how to be idle or how simply to sit there and listen.


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I thought the whole point of going to a place like Death Valley was to be alone and away from the rest of civilization? How can you do that when you're a cell call away?


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The apocryphal story is told of a psychology researcher who ran IQ tests on those in prisons. His conclusion was that criminals have a markedly lower IQ than the general population. When he submitted his study to an academic journal for publishing, the editor simply returned it, noting that the study did not show that criminals have a lower IQ; it only showed that those who were caught and imprisoned had a lower IQ.

I think it's likely that Germans who make the effort to go to Death Valley are making a true effort to get away from gadgets that connect them to civilization. Americans can get there with just a few hours drive from several major population centers (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco being the nearest).


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Maybe he should have gone to parliament/congress (insert your local government reference here) to test the criminals that are smart enough to avoid jail? ;-)

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