No Verizon data service in Asheville NC [telecom]

I visited Asheville NC today, and found that I could not get any Verizon data service at any point along the route from Burnsville NC to my destination in Asheville. I had the same problem yesterday, around the Burnsville area: something is broken, and has been for over

24 hours.

Both Verizon's *611 and it's 800 number go to the same place, where I had to spend over 20 minutes trying to report the outage. The muzak Verizon plays while customers wait is perfectly tuned to the the most irritable pitch and tempo known to man, but I hung on until I got to a call-taker who promised to transfer me to "technical support," and then the call was dumped.

Is any loss of Verizon "data" service reportable to the FCC? What are the rules for scope and duration that would cause Verizon to have an "FCC reportable event," if there is such a thing for "data" service?

What other Verizon customers are affected? Downdetector shows reports from "Charlotte," but nothing from my neck of the woods.


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