Verizon to discontinue legacy services across seven-state area [telecom]

U.S. telecom behemoth, Verizon Communications Inc VZ is reportedly seeking permission from the U.S. telecom regulator Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to discontinue four legacy interstate DS0 services across parts of seven states. These legacy voice and low-speed data services are Voice Grade Service, WATS Access Line Service, Digital Data Service and DIGIPATH Digital Service II.

The affected states include Delaware, Maryland, New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Verizon has about 10 wholesale customers and approximately 67 retail customers for these services in the affected areas.

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Bill Horne
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What will happen to people who don't fibre service to their home? Lots of places do not have it. Will they be forced to go over to Comcast? In my area at least, Comcast is notoriously unreliable.

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This isn't talking about regular consumer phone services. Did you miss where it says there are only 67 retail customers for these services?

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