Nearly half of US homes use cellphones only [telecom]

CBS News reported that nearly half of the U.S. households use only cell phones, as more people cut the cord on landlines.

The percentage varies by region and age. In the NE US, the cellphone-only percentage is only 32%.

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Also, Verizon is claiming that since so many people are no longer using landlines, it is exempt from paying certain taxes in New Jersey, and has ceased doing so. Verizon decides for itself if it is liable. Article from the Philadelphia Inquirer at:

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Of the homes and businesses still using landlines, I wonder what the percentage is of calls made with a rotary dial phone. I presume that virtually everyone these days has at least one Touch Tone phone. However, some people do have a secondary extension that is still rotary, such as an old phone in a basement, garage, or attic, and will use it from time to time.

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