Google and mobile phones threaten yellow pages directory [telecom]

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Verizon's white-pages residential phone books have lost mass appeal. Now, even the popular ad-supported yellow pages of business phone listings could soon disappear from many homes. The telecom giant says that less than one percent of its legacy phone customers in Pennsylvania have requested the white-pages residential directories - sacred household references for decades - only five years after it halted saturation delivery of those printed tomes.

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Not mentioned in the article is what will happen to the telephone consumer guide in the front section of the directory. I've checked repeatedly, and the information is not available on Verizon's web pages. (If someone does have a URL for that, could you share it?)

Information includes the various codes for special services, such as camp-on, conferencing, return-call, threatening call, call-waiting block, number-block, etc. Many of these features are available on an a la carte basis and most useful.

Other important information includes the mailing addresses for the telephone company in order to file a formal complaint, and telephone company policies.

Some information is valid only for a few customers, such as message-unit tables and zone maps, which today impact only those few landline customers without a calling plan. However, for such customers (which include people with second lines they don't use often), the information is still useful.

Admittedly, some information is obsolete. For some reason, For instance, for some reason, Verizon still offers person-to-person calls which are no longer cost-effective.

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