more on Verizon's plan to change copper to FIOS [telecom]

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran another article on the sneaky methods of Verizon to push customers from copper lines to FIOS.

"Verizon customers with copper-line phones who call twice in 18 months for repairs - or live near someone who does - are likely to get a surprise when company techs show up at their door. They will be told that their "only fix" is to replace decades-old copper line with high-speed fiber as Verizon won't fix the copper, according to company documents obtained by the Inquirer."

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Personal Notes: Verizon says "it provides a free battery backup with 12 D-size batteries." But those batteries won't last that long in a serious power outage--my friends with FIOS tell me they get about three hours of service and that's it. Also, the batteries must be replaced every year, presuming the subscriber remembers to do so.

Also, many subscribers do not have access to FIOS, and Verizon can not say when it will be available. What are those customers supposed to do?

It is just sad that the communications carriers are in a race to the bottom of service.

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