London Rioters' Unrequited Love For BlackBerry [telecom]

London Rioters' Unrequited Love For BlackBerry


Rioters in North London have been using BlackBerry Messagess to rally, presuming RIM's phone-to-phone, encrypted messages won't land in the hands of authorities. But in an increasingly familiar move, RIM has now pledged to work with those authorities.


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The problem with organizing against the government is that protesters sometimes forget that governments have tax collectors as well as riot gear: if one doesn't work, the other will.

Of course, there are always other ways to encrypt messages, but the fact remains that so long as the crown can identify *who* sent a message, it can practice rubber-hose cryptography. It will take a while, but the protestors will have to resort to using other means to keep their electronic communications out of Her Majesty's inbox.

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