I Have 5G on My Phone at Home, So Why Can't I Get 5G Home Internet? [telecom]

You may get those glorious bars to show up on your mobile device, but the 5G home internet rollout is still a work in progress.

By Trey Paul

It's been a few years since 5G started rolling out, but I must confess, as we enter 2023, sometimes it still baffles me. One of the questions I'm often asked is, "My provider says I can't get its 5G home internet service -- even though when I'm at home, I can get 5G on my phone. Why not?"

I ran up against this myself when I switched carriers in 2022. I went from AT&T to T-Mobile and was immediately impressed with the 5G performance on my phone. But even though I got T-Mobile 5G cell service at home, my address wasn't eligible for its Home Internet service. My immediate reaction: Whaaaat?

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