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In considering wiring a new office, some interesting technical ideas have been bounced around, and I'd like to get some feedback about feasibility of implementing them. Input from the wise folk who read the Digest would be most appreciated.

Most users will be mobile, i.e. not at the end of physical extensions in the office much of the time. -- This means we'd like a system we can program forwarding of numbers into, such that folks can point their desk phone at their cell phone. This is possbile in PBXs like Asterisk, right?

We'd like a rationally planned numbering scheme for departments and specialties and such. Again, internal PBX programming, right, associating the DID lines with extensions?

We'd like to have our people have only one number on their card ... so is it possible to program a PBX to process and forward SMS data sent on to the associated cell phone? This appears to the sticking point. SMS is useful, and we'd not like to miss out on it to implement this system if we don't have to.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Chris, just a non-telecom, non-technical question if I may: Are you, or your family related in some way to the classical music composer, Gustav Holst? For me, just a curiosity. PAT]
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