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I am pleased to welcome a new sponsor to the TELECOM Digest as of today. Main Resource

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has signed on to serve readers here. I will let Alisa Meredith explain about their products:

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- Buy Refurbished Comdial, Executone, Inter-tel, Isoetec, Premier and Toshiba telecom equipment on-line or by phone. Also offering unused PCS Digital systems. All our refurbished equipment and our repairs are covered by a one-year warranty.

Also at

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- Buy GN Netcom, Inter-tel, Plantronics and VXI headsets; you can search by brand or type.


You can see Ms. Meredith's ad on our home page,

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in the far right hand column.

I hope all readers will stop in to say hello and review the products offered at Main Resource. The shop is coincidentally located in the State of Maine, 74 Evergreen Drive, Portland, ME 04103.


In other web site changes/additions, sometimes when I am very angry, as I was after putting out the earlier issue on Thursday, #258, I look for ways to improve our own site here. I look for ways I can be of service to the internet community, and I did that today with a few new PSAs, or Public Service Announcments. I happen to believe that each of us who are entrusted with name space on the internet have certain obligations to do things to help the overall community at large. These are not profit-making things, but simple attempts to be of service.

For one, I repaired the link to the Hunger Site; by clicking there each day (it is off our top, home page at

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) you can donate food to hungry children and adults around the world; just click where shown then read one of the messages from the Hunger Site sponsors. Every time you click, another cup of food is given. You do not pay anything. To see it at work now, look at
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. People are not the only beings who get hungry of course; injured and homeless animals living in shelters also need your support. You can also make a click to
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and provide bowls of food for dogs and cats. Again, no expense to yourself, simply read the ads provided by Purina Chow and others who supply the actual food at no cost to the shelters. Then last for today, I call your attention to the Missing and Exploited Children's program, which is described on pages reached through
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.Please review the javascript pictures there, then read about them on the page linked through the javascript. I had to repair that Applet also to make it work correctly.

Please review these new PSA things, human food, animal food, and missing chidren. They are all on the front page of our web site

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in the far right column, along with our paid sponsors like Ms. Meredith, Mike Sandman, Judith Oppenheimer, Oklahoma State University and MIT. Thank you!

Patrick Townson

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