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One of our long time readers here at the Digest spent consideable time and effort this past week in getting the TELECOM Digest RSS feed up and running. He knows who he is; he wishes to remain anonymous; but I owe him a very BIG _thank you_ for his work. The intent was to get the feed working directly from Telecom, rather than 'borrowing' a feed from Google Groups or Yahoo. It required a 'hook' through the Hypermail code which you see on our page:

formatting link
its alias:
formatting link
All the test feeds which were used in the past week have been scrapped; now _our_ feed comes back to the Online pages on the web site. So, if you experimented with this early on, you are going to need to go through your source code. Instead of the Google groups code I had been using, please go now to the 'atom.xml' address mentioned above. You can also get TELECOM Digest on your 'My Yahoo' page if you have one, and in a day or so, you will also be able to get the Digest on 'My MSN' as well, and a few other larger web sites.

Look at

formatting link
to see examples of how to structure a javascript as desired, and
formatting link
for the atual feed itself.

PAT and Lisa

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