Connecticutt AT&T operation losing jobs [Telecom]

According an article in the Waterbury, CT, REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN, AT&T is cutting jobs:

AT&T's plan to eliminate more landline-related jobs in the state has union officials and state consumer advocates crying foul.

Officials with the Communications Workers of America Local 1298 said Tuesday that AT&T plans to phase out 160 more installation and repair jobs by Feb. 19. A company spokesman confirmed that AT&T plans to eliminate "surplus" jobs in the state, but would not confirm the total number of jobs affected.

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Bill Horne
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Verizon has been cutting jobs by attrition and layoff for some time.

Many telecom jobs have been shifted to non union positions. For example, I don't believe people who work in the cellphone divisions are unionized. I don't believe newcomer cellphone carriers or landline carriers, or cable phone are unionized either. Many functions for large businesses once performed by unionized telco personnel are now done by non-union employees of the subscribers.

The union itself calls itself "CWA" now and for years has sought to represent service workers in other industries.

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While I'm a union support through and through, I'm hard-pressed to criticize AT&T for this. People are simply not getting many landlines anymore. The unions should have done as the longshoremen did when containization came to be: negotiate other jobs so that their members would still have work. But they didn't. Where was the CWA leadership?

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