AT&T to cut jobs in weaker business units [telecom]

By Sheila Dang

(Reuters) - AT&T Inc is cutting some jobs in declining areas of its business, while hiring more people in faster-growing segments, an AT&T spokesman said on Monday.

The layoffs will affect a "small" portion of the workforce and are consistent with staffing changes AT&T has done in the past, spokesman Jim Greer told Reuters by telephone. He declined to specify how many positions would be cut.

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Bill Horne
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Do you (or anyone) know what sector these positions are in? For instance, is it the telephone sector? Or the TV sector? Or the mobile sector?

Strangely, the article mentions AT&T only as the "2nd largest wireless company" even though T&T literally stands for "TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH" (nothing whatsoever to do with wireless or mobile). I would at least think they would mention it was also the largest wireline carrier in the US.

I realize this is AT&T Corp. and the article states AT&T Inc., but AT&T Corp is a part of AT&T Inc. so I'm curious about to which part of their business they were referring. AT&T is such a hypocritical company, the interview they did was conducted by telephone and they fail to mention that in their article.

I would be interested to hear if they are cutting down on their T&T segment or if it's something else, such as cable or mobile.

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