CenturyLink subscribers claims she had to pay previous tenant's bill [telecom]

Here's a new twist on debt collection: according to a complaint shown below, CenturyLink has demanded that a new tenant pay the previous tenant's bill in order to get phone service.

I call and order the basic $17.00 per month service and the line backer for my life alert system. I am told I have to pay the previous tenants bill before they will even talk to me. So I pay that and get the service ordered ...

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CenturyLink appears to be taking note of customer complaints on the above site: the following reply was posted yesterday.

  1. Written by @CenturyLinkHelp on March 12, 2012 from Denver, Colorado, US

Hey Retheridge, sorry to hear about your experience. Not typical. Generally speaking the only reason to pay a balance from a prior resident is if it was an "endebted household" which means you would have had to reside there or been listed on the previous account. If that was not the case we can get this corrected. ...

It remains to be seen if the "@CenturyLinkHelp" group is able to address the issue, or if it is interested only in spin control.


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Bill Horne

I find that if I am not satisfied with the results of dealing with service agencies, like the phone company, that a call to my local newspaper or TV station and explaining the problem to their news editor usually gets things resolved fast. Seems those agencies don't like a reporter calling them to find out why/how they are upsetting customers.

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In Massachusetts, all major media outlets have micro-phone books that give the names and contact numbers of third and fourth-line managers for every district. Since I worked on the "Radio Board" at BSTNMAFRT20, I can say with confidence that when a radio station or TV station wants service in a hurry, Verizon moves heaven and earth to provide it.

Such information as yours and mine raises more questions than it answers: questions like "If their service is so great, why do they invest so much effort into preventing the public from hearing complaints?"

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