Caller ID and Reverse 911 [telecom]

Yesterday, I got a call at 7:41 PM Eastern time: the caller ID showed "1-000-000-0000". I answered out of curiosity, assuming that it would be some political tripe.

The call was a recorded announcement from my local electric company, saying that I should report electrical outages to a certain number and blathering about how they're "doing our best" to prepare for a hurricane.

If this was a "Reverse 911" call, I think the Caller ID would be better used if it had been set to the number that I was expected to call in case of a power outage. If it was just another robocall, then it's a great example of how CID can be erroneous.


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Bill Horne
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That [mistake] of theirs is _definitiely_ worth taking a minute and sending a letter to your PSC about. While they might not have direct jurisdiction, when they forward your note over it'll get the attention of someone with half a brain.

- If you're really into Good Deed of The Week, track down your State's Office of Emergency Management and cc them as well.

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