Broadband forum: Century Link is horrible [telecom]

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Broadband forum: Century Link is horrible

I had service from Century Link for roughly a year. During that time I never once got the speed they claimed. I was paying for 3mb/s and most of the time it stayed at 1. I have seen it go as low as 300kbps however.

In late December early January I decided I had had enough and would not like to renew service. I called them and notified their customer service representative that I would like to discontinue service. The representative I spoke to said that would be fine and that service would not continue. As soon as my payment was received they reconnected service and now are saying I am on the hook for several months of service I had explicitly asked to be disconnected from. They claim that there is no record of the call even though I can show very clearly from my phone records that I spoke to them twice in the two days prior to payment being sent. When I asked to see their records of my calls the second level manager I spoke to said he could not authorize that and that it could take a week for them to get that information to me. Like he couldn't just do a print screen and e-mail it. He also said that even if I had asked for service to be disconnected it would have been reconnected automatically because I paid electronically through my bank rather than paying over the phone. That also makes a whole lot of sense.

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(Full disclosure: I used to work at CenturyLink)

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Try typing "centurylink sucks" in the search engine; I got a number of results that way.

sidenote: google no longer has the "search settings" button available, so I am limited to 10 results per page (this is without logging in - I don't log to use google).


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