Bill would allow debt collectors to robocall your cellphone [telecom]

The Washington Post reported that tucked into the congressional budget deal is a provision that would let companies robocall Americans' cellphones to collect any money owed to or guaranteed by the government, including federal student loans, mortgages and taxes. The proposal would amend a law that consumer advocates say protects Americans from being harassed or inundated with text messages and calls that could run up their cellphone bills.

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[In my humble opinion, consumers need more protection from robocalls, not less. A few years ago some in Congress tried to allow sales calls to cell phones, which fortunately did not pass.]
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Robocall laws have generally not prohibited calls from companies you already do business with. And if you owe someone a debt, they clearly should be able to contact you.

But if you can't afford to pay your debt, making you pay for a cellphone call is probably not going to help them get money from you.

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Barry Margolin

Per HAncock4:

Totally moot vis-a-vis robocalling IMHO....

Since robcallers and telemarketers in general moved offshore and/or started hiding behind multiple VOIP relays (whatever *that* means....) the Do Not Call List and enforcement thereof has become history.....

And I have a pile of lame-sounding letters from the Pennsylvania Att'y General's office to support that assertion.

What's relevant to me in that situation is a further indication of who actually drives lawmakers..... and it's not us...

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