AT&T vs. SBC (telecom)

In my view, SBC chose to assume the new name AT&T ( or at&t as you wish) because it was a brand recognized worldwide. Very few people, even those in the industry recognized "SBC". They might have recognized Southwestern Bell Telephone, but the AT&T brand was just too well known to ignore. I have worked internationally for about 12 years and most of the people I came in contact with recognized the AT&T brand. And that certainly carries weight at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).


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Gray, Charles
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Your points are well taken.

But, I also think deception played a role in their decision; i.e., some folks will think the great AT&T has risen from the ashes.

I think of an elderly lady up the street who is still very sharp but never understood any of this stuff.

About the time Pacific Bell was rebranded as SBC at&t became a reseller of LEC services. Thus, she thought she was getting away from Pacific Bell/SBC, for she had a strong dislike. When I pointed out to her she was only buying into a different billing service, she really got ticked off.

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