AT&T adds thousands of jobs [Telecom]

ABC News reported tonight that at&t will add a few thousand jobs in its wireless and broadband units.

This is of course welcome news these days. But I strongly doubt the jobs will be as good as jobs once offered in the old Bell System. I can't help but suspect any jobs dealing with the public will be on commission with demands for aggressive sales goals. I'm not optimistic about the technical jobs either. Hopefully I am wrong about this.

If anyone is familiar with the internal corporate culture at today's at&t your comments would be appreciated.

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That would depend on what unit within the company. If they were tech jobs the pay would be very good because there is a high demand for these kind of jobs. Since I retired I have done a lot of contract work in Central Office Installation and I only want t o work 6 months, but I get calls all the time even when I'm on another job. When they ask me what I'm looking for I get what I ask plus expense. Also these jobs can't be done in India.

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Steven Lichter

Here is a link to the article, which goes into some detail about traffic carried and the business:

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