Airliens use cell phones as boarding pass [Telecom]

I'm actually gonna report on some new [gasp] technology:

The NYT reported that airlines will send a barcode to a mobile device which can be used as a boarding pass. This is part of the elimination of the traditional paper tickets and the kisok stop at airports.

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[I remain curious if fire signs in the Phila airport still say "To report file dial ... on any city automatic telephone". This reference means any airport house phone, and is a throwback to the old city PABX. The signs were new that said that long after the old system was gone. The 1954 Phila airport is pretty much all gone now, having been replaced in stages by modern facilities. I always wonder if somewhere in some closet or back office there's an old AE 40 set from the old system. The airport remains pretty much always under construction with something new being built somewhere. Years ago they had an observation deck, but now you can't even get in without a plane ticket.]
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